Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Ambitions and Regrets

This was written towards the end of 2002 when I was taking stock of things.

Ambitions and regrets:

Do we know what we really want?
Is it just the weather that makes us do this?
Or is it plain silliness and stupidity?
Ambitions that sometimes aren’t achieved
Are always around the corner.
A hot air balloon ride with champagne,
Wanting to take you around your favourite spot.
A mountain hike over the Philippines,
The magic of Spain’s culture and passion
And even wanting to become a star for a day.
All these call and beckon you
Saying ‘come to me, I will change your life!’
However, something deep inside tells you
To stay put, stick with what you know –
It’s safe, never go into the unknown.
Most of the time we regret not doing it
And we ruin our lives by letting it rot,
Eating away at our souls until there’s nothing left.
So, what do we really want?
Ambitions? Or regrets?

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