Thursday, 28 August 2008

Soul Searching

This was written on 5th July this year when I was down on the beach for a festival and felt a little down in general, but really felt inspired for the first time in ages to write something.

Soul Searching:

Blue is the ocean of my heart,
Big, vast and open.
Waves crash on the sands
My mind has created,
And wash away the debris.

Pebbles create shapes that bemuse
And confuse - patterns not complete.
Fluid and cold is the water
That pounds and crashes here:
Changing things constantly.

Cruel is the moon that turns
The tide of a thousand souls.
Make way for the mother
That nurtures and creates,
Yet spurns all who disobey her.

Let me lie in your gentle arms
And release the inner pain.
Soothe the wound with rays
Of life, fire and passion.
But don't let me burn.

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