Thursday, 28 August 2008

A Blank Canvas

This was written on 2nd August this year in response to Poetry Prompt on - the theme was 'My Writing Desk' and here is the result:

A Blank Canvas:

Inspiration comes from all seeing eyes.
Let the imaginiation run wild
With all colours that light up at night.

Outside the window looms a palace
With domes that stretch up to the sky.
Stuck in time, yet current;

Transporting me back to a time of
Princes, kings and queens.
Arabian nights coax and tempt me.

Back in the land of reality,
The box is blaring, mum is cooking
And my best friend is next to me.

The computer is on a small table
That was a shelf - makeshift, but handy.
Drink and numerous papers at my side.

White walls, sleek lines;
Carpet that's light and not right,
Sliding doors of black and silver.

All this in a box of glass
Ready to be personalised.
A blank canvas.

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